Low and Away Super Bowl Squares

Low and Away SB Squares

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Pre Season – Brutal

Pre season is undoubtedly the most challenging part of every year. The work load for every successful team seems over bearing and the light at the end of the tunnel (the first scrimmage or game) is so distant that questioning the purpose for the cold January and February practices becomes easy. Continue reading

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Andy DeMichiei Verbally Commits to Marquette University

We are pleased to announce that 2013 Low and Away Lacrosse and Hampton High School Attackman Andy DeMichiei has committed to Marquette University.  What separates Andy from a lot of players is his toughness and sustained effort on the field to get better and off the field to get noticed.  He is a very consistent player that always comes to practice and training ready to get better and loves any challenge that you throw his way. Andy plays with a chip on his shoulder in regards to being an under sized Attackman from Pittsburgh.  As long as he continues to work hard he can accomplish whatever he wants in this sport and I look forward to watching him do so.  Andy was nice enough to answer some questions for us.  Take a look. Continue reading

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X10 Mountain Lacrosse Academy

Are you looking for a one of a kind summer camp to attend?  Do you want to get better at lacrosse while camping out in Colorado?  This is a great opportunity for any player that wants to have fun all week playing lacrosse, canoeing, kayaking, playing table tennis, learning how to make an omelet, and many other outdoor activities. My team mate on the Denver Outlaws, Matt Bocklet and his family run this outdoor lacrosse/outdoor adventure camp.  Sounds like a blast, check out the flier below and go to the website for registration.  www.x10lacrosse.com

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Max Seibald – His Road to Success Starting in HS

This is a full outlook on Max Seibald and his road to success. It covers just about anything a High School kid or anyone for that matter would like to know about Max’s road to where he is today. This includes his HS experiences, college experiences, feelings on his success, HS Prom, Recruiting, and advice for young athletes aspiring to have similar experiences. Max is a great person, great athlete, and great team mate so read up and take what you can from him! Continue reading

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New Season, New Session

Winter Laxers

Winter Laxers

The fall came and went, as did the Low and Away fall ball training sessions. The fall crop grew, albeit it wasn’t always easy.

Breaking bad habits is harder than creating good ones, but as the weeks went by, improvement came to light. On top of the learning, it was a fun group of kids. Every age group had its own personality and we took in a season’s worth of enjoyment.

After a restless one week break, the Low and Away Winter Training Program will be kicking off this Saturday. We expect some old and new faces, all of them looking to tune up before the spring. Continue reading

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Low and Away Performs at U-P Tournament: Volume 2

Team Work

Team Work

As mentioned ealier, Low and Away performed at a high level at the UP Tournament, just outside Annapolis, Maryland.

The quality of competition was staggered, but we certainly found ourselves in some competitive games, including a tragic one-goal loss and a respectable tie against the Haymakers of Columbus. There were a lot of familiar faces on the sidelines, both recruiting and coaching through the weekend, which makes for good conversation.

The weekend kicked off with a runaway 9-0 win over a younger MadLax team. They were a good enough to wake us up at 10am, but the age and speed of Low and Away proved to be enough to keep the win out of question. After working out some early rust, True Minnesota gave us a physical, scrappy run for our money. A broken collar bone on the opening face-off set the tone for the rest of the game. Continue reading

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College Lacrosse Series – Post 1 – RECRUITING

College Lacrosse Series

We will be doing a College Lacrosse Series of Posts, focusing on college lacrosse and the phases of it, starting with recruiting.  

Post 1 – Recruiting

Post 2 – What it Takes

Post 3 – A Day in the Life of a College Lacrosse Player

Post 4 – What Can Being and NCAA Athlete Do For You?


Getting recruited can often be the most stressful and confusing thing a young student athlete and his family can go through. Often times players just get so worked up about it they give up. If you have a goal or dream of playing college lacrosse, you can make it happen by taking the right steps and understanding the timeline and lacrosse industry more thoroughly. With the sport booming in every direction, there are so many “recruiting events” that people don’t know which to choose and why. There is only so much money to be poured into continuing to develop and at the end of the day players and parents aren’t sure their investments are going to work out as planned. Below you will find the things we as a staff place great importance on, no one can do it for you, but by seeking at the necessary coaching and help you can enjoy this great sport while getting what you should ultimately be after, a great education.

Continue reading

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UP Tournament Summary

A group of 17 Pittsburgh Low and Away players went down to the UP Tournament in Pasadena, MD and performed extremely well and represented Pittsburgh in an unbelievable fashion despite multiple injuries leaving the group with 13 players for Day 2. The things that stuck out in the Coaches minds (myself and Tommy Kehoe) was the selfless approach that both the offense and defense. Continue reading

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Spreading Practice Knowledge


Peet Poillon

Peet Poillon

Last weekend,  Low and Away held a public clinic at Franklin Regional High-School to spread the love that is lacrosse. Kids of all ages and levels came out to work with coaches Poillon, Stimmel, and Kehoe, who took in the sunny 60-degree weather that was gracing Murrysville that afternoon.

There are few things that can be immediately solved in a two-hour period, but there’s long-term value in sticking to the basics. Stressing the fundamentals of stick work and dodging, which build off each other, we’re hoping to improve the countless other hours they’re using their sticks. Continue reading

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