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Low and Away would like to congratulate Brendon Schrantz (LCDS, Defenseman) on his college commitment to Ferrum College, Ferrum, VA.  Brendon who only started playing lacrosse in 9th grade has come a long way in High School career.  In only 4 years of playing Brendon accomplished his goal of being able to continue playing collegiate lacrosse!









Personal highlights include: 


Competing with Low and Away Premier

Other Schools Considered:


Alvernia University

Wheeling Jesuit University



Brendons and family thoughts about his commitment:


“First and foremost, thank you to the Low and Away organization.  This entire experience has been like nothing I ever expected.  I have been afforded the opportunity to learn from coaches who articulate skill, passion and the development of the whole player.


The opportunity to play lacrosse and continue my education is my dream combination.  My parents and I made the 7 hour trip to the heartland of the Blue Ridge Parkway to visit Ferrum.  It was a gorgeous campus surrounded by rolling hills and had an ideal classroom setting with a low student to teacher ratio.    However, sitting down with Coaches Frey and Northern sealed the deal.  The coaches detailed that Ferrum has a young program with a clearly defined plan for growth and success.   The experience that Coaches Frey and Northern bring to the program and the emphasis of academic and athletic excellence allowed me to make the decision to attend Ferrum College.  I look forward to the future.” ~Brendon



“I can honestly say that through our children’s lives our money, energy, and time went into supporting them with swimming.  No big plan of ours was to play lacrosse, its how it worked out.


It wasn’t until Brendon was in 9th grade that he even heard of lacrosse…His first season with Low and Away he got a taste of the bigger picture.  He understood how the “big the pond”, world of lacrosse, was.  He told us he was going to play lacrosse at the collegiate level, and we told him to dream on because the fact was he had only played for a couple of years and we needed to be realistic.


When Coach McMahon called us over the summer and suggested Brendon play with Low and Away this fall because there were colleges interested in seeing him play, I was stunned.  I don’t want to say I didn’t believe in Brendon’s ability (because I am Brendon’s most supportive fan), but he had only been playing such a short time.  My direction to Brendon was that he was being afforded an opportunity, and he should see where it goes. And here he is, who would have known?! ” ~ Heather
Our Thoughts:


We as a staff are elated that Brendon has the opportunity to continue his education and follow his dream of playing collegiate lacrosse.  This past summer he dedicated himself to improving and worked his way on the the premier roster this fall.  He put in the time necessary and showcased his ability on the field.  It is great to see now that he has a fantastic opportunity presented to him at Ferrum College.


Again congratulations and all the best to Brendon Schrantz a Ferrum College defensive commit!



Staff of Low and Away

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