"Coach Wimer and Nicodemi, Thanks in no small part to you Adam has chosen Limestone to attend college. You guys are Amazing! Low and Away, your coaching, and the team made lacrosse HUGE for Adam again, thank you, thank you, thank you!"
- Parents of Adam Polett - Limestone Commit

"Coaches, after a hard decision, I have decided to commit to Limestone College. I have received both academic and athletic scholarships. I would like to thank both of you (Coach Wimer and Coach Nicodemi) for helping me step up this summer and improve as a player and individual. Also, I'd like to thank you for helping me through the recruiting process. Low and Away was such a step up from where I previously played, with more personalized and better training. You both have given me the skills and abilities to make me feel confident in goal and confident enough to play in college lacrosse, let alone a top Division II College. I will take all of the skills and advice with me to the next level."
- Adam Polett - Limestone Commit

"Coaches, Thank you for bullding the Low and Away Program in Central Pennsylvania. Without it I can honestly say Ryan would have foregone any summer lacrosse in 2012 and we would have missed out on numerous opportunities that presented themselves this year. Ryan was very selective in his college options in that he would only attend an Engineering School, which made things even tougher (and I'm sure gave you fits).
Ryan had a fantastic opportunity with a scholarship offer to play at another D-1 program from being seen at the Baltimore Kickoff but we turned it down because no Engineering presented itself that opportunity led us to West Point, who after speaking to you guys and seeing Ryan play led to the long process of a military academy. On last weeks 'official visit' Ryans dream of playing for a D-1 School that offered Lacrosse and Engineering came true when he was asked to join the Black Knights as a Short Stick Midfielder.
West Point is the #1 Mechanical Engineering School in the country AND has a goal of being the #1 D-1 Lacrosse team in the country. When I asked the Army coach about #1, his comment was 'in the Army, you don't want to be #2'.
Thank You again for getting Ryan to try 'one more time' last summer, attend the showcases and doing all you can to make sure he was seen. This truly never would have happened without Low and Away."
- Parents of Ryan Morgan - West Point Commit

"Coach Wimer, I just wanted to thank you, Coach Chris and the entire Low and Away community for making me the player I am today. Without everything you have taught me throughout both the regular season and the summer, I know I wouldn't be at the level that I am right now. I remember back in January when I really wasn't sure if I should play during the summer with the Low and Away Club. After talking with you guys, and deciding to play, it opened the door to many opportunities that would not have come, if I hadnt chosen. I am very glad that I did.
Through the tournaments and camps that we played in, I got the exposure I needed to play at the next level. I feel extremely blessed to have this opportunity and I cannot thank you enough for both coaching and supporting me throughout the whole process. Low and Away has truly opened up my future to many memories and experiences to come"
- Ryan Morgan - West Point Commit

"Coaches - I wanted to let you know I have committed to Jacksonville University to play lacrosse for the next four years. I wanted to thank both of you for developing me into a Division 1 lacrosse player. The tournaments I played in this summer with Low and Away got me the exposure I needed to attract the attention of some top notch programs. Both of you had the confidence in me and taught me many valuable things this past summer. I appreciate the input you gave to the college coaches on my behalf and all the help you put in, to get me exposure. The fun we had attending all of these tournaments made Low and Away that much better."
- Brady Charles - U19 Jacksonville Commit

"I would like to thank Coach Wimer and Coach Cris for playing a significant role in developing me into the player that I am today. You helped me improve my skills in every area and were great in helping me through the recruiting process. I have played on other tournament teams, but none had as big of an impact on me or my status with college coaches than with Low and Away.
I am really excited and looking forward to playing lacrosse at Messiah College. Thank you to Low and Away for helping to make that happen and preparing me to be successful at the next level."
Justin Bradley - U19 Messiah Commit

"My son has played for several different programs in the region -- the difference at low and away is in the Coaching. The coaches are organized and enthusiastic. Each practice I see my boy respond to that enthusiasm. They light up when they are taught a new concept, and they dig in when they are shown how to apply that concept in a game situation. Peet and his staff are hands on -- on the field with whistles and sticks, not watching from the sidelines. While it is hard to define, there is also a constant undercurrent of turning young men into good people as well, little things like a coach asking, "what did you guys learn in school today?" shows the boys that the coaches are interested in them as people, and sends the message that school is always more important than lacrosse. Great program, great instruction, and great messages."
- 6th Grade Parent

“I love the Coaching my son receives at Low and Away Lacrosse training sessions, when it came time to choose a summer club program it was a simple decision. The question was where do you learn the most and what Coaches do you think will help you improve the most, the answer was simply Low and Away Lacrosse.”
- 10th Grade Parent

“When you have professional players showing the kids how to properly do a push up, I think it embodies the level of detail and hands on approach that the Low and Away staff takes during training sessions. This along with the level of knowledge this staff has really puts Low and Away ahead of the other opportunities in the area”
-8th Grade Parent

“Without Coach Stimmel and Coach Poillon walking us through the recruiting process we would have been lost. I feel very strongly about the fact that these Coaches care about my sons future and that makes Low and Away an obvious choice.”
-11th Grade Parent

"After participating in comparable lacrosse programs for the past 5 years we have found the level of professionalism and attention given to players at Low and Away to be second to none. The staff at Low and Away make themselves readily available for consult and take a very active/hands on approach to furthering individual players skill levels and in their future goals for college during the season and beyond. Thank you Low and Away!"
- Parent of Warwick Player

"The Low and Away Lacrosse program has had a very positive impact on the development of my son’s lacrosse game. Coach Chris and Coach Kyle have a deep understanding of the game and are very successful in communicating and translating that knowledge to the players. They have a very instructive and supportive coaching style that has resulted in an increased maturity in the players both on and off the field. I strongly recommend this club team to any serious lacrosse athletes that are looking to improve their game to the highest level."
- Parent of Manheim Township Player

"Our experience with Low & Away has been wonderful. Having played with other summer league programs in the past we can definitely say that Low & Away stands above the rest. The level of coaching and individual instruction along with the quality of the tournaments we attended was a step above! In addition, the assistance we received in college recruiting was a welcome change we did not see with other programs. I HIGHLY recommend Low & Away to anyone seeking a great lacrosse experience!"
- Parent of Hempfield Player

"If you want your son to play on a local team that offers most of what the big programs offer, to be able to play and showcase his talents in those tournaments where the college coaches are watching while at the same time getting exceptional coaching I recommend Low and Away…The coaches of Low and Away take a personal interest in the kids. They had personal biographies of the players available for college coaches; they counseled you as parents. We did not get this type of personal attention at the very good club we belonged to before and didn't realize what we were missing. Start young with Low and Away because if your son wants to play college lacrosse, Low and Away will help him."
- Parent of Manheim Township Player

"The difference Low and Away Lacrosse has made in our son's summer experience was remarkable. The excellent coaching staff was a blessing within itself and is a great opportunity for HS players to play to their full potential and receive high quality coaching and play top level competition. Not to mention the endless opportunities that present themselves from being associated with Low and Away and this coaching staff. We highly recommend this lacrosse program."
- Parent of York Central Player


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