Congrats on your Commitment - Hurst

Congratulations to Cory Hurst a

Messiah Commit!


High School: Garden Spot

Major: Engineering

Academic Honors: National Honor Society

Other Schools I considered: Widener, Elizabethtown, York

Why I chose Messiah:

Wanting to major in Engineering, I was looking for schools that had a unique and strong engineering program as well as a competitive lacrosse team. Messiah was exactly what I was looking for in a college with a good engineering program and a coaching staff that I was very comfortable with from the start. Another important aspect for me was that it is a Christian college. I knew that there would be a good influence on me with the coaching staff and the players and an opportunity to grow my faith. I am extremely excited to see what's ahead at Messiah!

Thank you:
I want thank God for giving me my health and strength to play lacrosse. My parents have been a huge factor in my lacrosse career and I want to thank them for spending the time away from home to travel to tournaments and other events and being such a big support for me. I also want to thank Coach Wimer for being a huge help in recruiting as well as Coach Hughes and Coach Espenshade for pushing me to improve as a player.

Spring team outlook:
Our high school team is a small program, but we have a good core group of guys. We aren't very deep, but with the condition our team is in, I think we can have some success beating schools who underestimate us.

Our Thoughts:

We are so excited for Cory and his commitment to play collegiate lacrosse.  Cory has had continuous improvement and as a person exemplifies good character.  His passion drives him to be successful and can't wait to see him play at the next level.  We know he will do well and be a great leader for his High School program this spring. Congratulations again on your commitment to play collegiate lacrosse as a Falcon!


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